Sbc autocomplete


This function attempts to complete SBCs using players in your club. A wide range of settings for the auto-completion algorithm allows you to minimize the cost of assembly. The more players there are in the club, the easier it will be to complete the challenge.


Sbc autocomplete is the main feature of the plugin, and over the years of work, mainly at the request of active users, many settings have been added, for fine customization of the algorithm’s operation to suit your needs. By going to the settings of a specific SBC, you can specify:

  • min/max card levels
  • use all or only unsellable cards
  • types of cards
  • leagues that should not be used for assembly
  • number of project players and restrictions on their cost

How to start

To perform autofill, you need to press 'Alt'+'=' on the screen or the built-in button in the SBC execution window and wait while the server is calculating the best option. The algorithm tries to minimize the cost of assembly using price data known to the system. If the algorithm added a player to the challenge that you do not want to waste, you can move him to the work area and restart the autofill.


We are often asked what is the difference between these 2 functions. It so happened historically that there are 2 autocomplete algorithms.
Auto-upgrade is simpler and available to all users; its purpose is to perform upgrades while grinding. This algorithm uses players for whom there are no SBC leagues.
Autofill is a more complex algorithm that uses all players allowed in the settings. The algorithm tries to use your unallocated cards for assembly. Also, the latest version of the algorithm can insert project players, which significantly increased its usefulness. This algorithm is available only to premium users.

The current implementation of the SBC execution algorithms is not final and will be constantly improved, based on your feedback and comments.

How it works: