Auto snipe

Description of Snipe

A snipe is the purchase of a player on the market for less than its real value. This happens due to the fact that many players do not know the current prices of cards, which are constantly changing, and don't want to check every card on pricing sites or flip through the market. Also, players often simply make mistakes when entering the price (thanks to the awkward market interface on the console). Trying to catch such a card or group of cards using a selected filter and selling it at the current price is sniping and this is a source of good income for a large number of players in EA FC Ultimate Team.
There are many nuances in sniping and over time, having gained enough experience, your income will grow. What to snipe, when to snipe, selection of filters for the current situation in the game (SBC, tasks, meta). All this greatly affects profits. But this article is not about that. However, you can see the filters that our users are sniping at at the moment on this page (registration required)

Sniping process

The sniping process consists of a repeating sequence of several actions. You set a filter to buy, and start updating the market many times in anticipation of a player to buy. This must be done by changing the filter parameters to prevent caching and ensure that the most recent data is received from the server. After you are lucky and a card for purchase is found, you need to have time to buy it faster than other players. Yes, you are not the only one and there is a lot of competition for popular filters.
Doing the above actions easier and faster with the free functionality of the Easy Snipe plugin


Autosnipe allows you to automate these repetitive actions. You only need to configure the plugin as you see fit at the moment continue to watch his work (watching the video in another window :)
Below I will describe the capabilities of autosnipe and describe scenarios for their use.

Basic scenario

To perform it, in autosnipe settings you need to select an action with the purchased card.

  • Stop sniping - buy one card and complete the algorithm. Useful when you need one specific card in a composition or for a SBC.
  • Send to the sales list - buy several cards, after which you yourself will put them on the market, perhaps after a while, when prices rise
  • Put for sale - you will need to specify the price at which the plugin will list the player after purchase. You can also set the selling price to increase if you are lucky enough to snipe a player with the Shadow or Hunter teamwork style
Then in the Web application you set a filter for purchase and start execution.

Automatic price determination

This is a scenario for the laziest (like me). After activating it in the settings, all you need to do is select any high-level or meta player with a high price in the purchase filter and start execution. Expensive goalkeepers or meta cards rated 84-87 are very suitable, because... They are often offered at a lower price than the market price.
Then the plugin goes into price determination mode. He begins to test the market, independently adjusting the price parameters of the filter. In this mode, the plugin will not buy anything. After several repetitions of scanning with different parameters (there is still some work to be done), The plugin determines at what price the card is currently being sold and calculates the sniping price to obtain a minimum profit.
Then the algorithm goes into sniping mode and starts buying cards at the calculated price, and then putting them up for sale. In the settings, you can specify how many repetitions to re-determine the purchase/sale price.

Filter rotation

The most difficult sniping method to set up.
For it to work, you need to select and configure several purchase filters. Good for buying low-level players (bronze or silver), because... updating the market without caching is achieved not by changing the price (such cards can be bought for 200 coins), but by completely changing the filter. Next, you need to enable rotation in autosnipe settings and select the necessary filters.
It will look something like this:
Example of snipe settings with filter rotation
Such filters must be constantly updated, which significantly increases the setup time of such a snipe. But it is considered safer, because... Your requests are more varied.


There are still many ideas and improvements that I would like to add to the plugin and make the life of a sniper more comfortable, and gradually they will be implemented. If you also have thoughts on how to improve the plugin and the sniping process, I will be glad to hear them in telegram channel or via email