How to start using the plugin

Plugin Installation

The plugin requires the Google Chrome browser.
Go to the browser extension store and search for the word futeasy. Or you can just open this link.
Click the 'Add to Chrome' button. The extension will download, install and be ready to work.

Installing the chrome plugin futeasy

Pay attention to the rights that our extension requests.
The plugin only needs access to site data*. The plugin does not physically have access to your account data that is entered on another page:


Next, you need to register in the system. Click on the link "Registration" in the upper right corner of the screen and get on a simple form:

Here you need to come up with any login and password.


Click on the plugin icon to open the login form. Enter here the username / password that you came up with on the site. Click the Login button.
If everything went well, our plugin icon will turn blue.
Now the futeasy extension is ready to go. Please note that the plugin only works in the EA FC Ultimate Team window, and login will only be possible in this window!

After the first login, it is recommended to synchronize the club data, what it is and how it is done, you can read here.

If you have any questions about installing/using the plugin, i will be happy to answer them in telegram channel or via email.